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Manik Mini Replacement Pod

Wotofo has been in the business of creating some of the best vaping products for all vaping enthusiasts for a long time. With several popular products already revolutionizing the vaping industry, Wotofo introduced a simple, compact, and more portable product called the Manik Mini Pod Kit to take your vaping game to the next level.

They say that perfection is impossible, but the Wotofo Manik Mini Pod seems like it is as close as you can get to achieving it. The Wotofo Manik Mini Pod Kit offers several features that make it an elegant and sleek product. Besides a more convenient experience through its performance and expertly crafted features, the Manik Mini Pod Kit offers you refillable pod cartridges.

Introducing the Wotofo Manik Mini Pod Replacement Cartridges

Never Run Out Of Juice On The Go

The Manik Mini Replacement Pod is the perfect solution to help vaping enthusiasts enjoy an uninterrupted vaping experience on-the-go. How many times has it happened that you are enjoying your vape kit, only to run out of e-juice with no time to go through the process of refilling the cartridge? The Manik Mini Replacement Pod allows you to safely store additional pods filled and ready for use as soon as the current cartridge runs out of juice.

Easy Replacement

Each pack contains three Wotofo Manik Mini Pod Cartridges specifically designed for the Wotofo Manik Mini Pod System Kit. Each of the three pieces in the pack comes with a 3ml capacity that you can fill with your favorite e-juice.

The Manik Mini Replacement Pod makes the Wotofo Manik Mini Pod Kit the most convenient vape pod that you can use. Each of the pods come with built-in coils as well. It means that you can keep refilling each of the pods and use them interchangeably as you finish the e-juice.

Once the coil dies in the old one, you do not have to go through any complex process to remove and replace the coil. Swapping out the existing cartridge with a new replacement pod will do the trick. The M11 Parallel Coil included in each of the replacement pods provides the perfect balance with a 0.6ohm resistance to provide you a seamless shift from your old pod to the replacement one for a refreshing experience.

Technical Details

  • Color: Black
  • Model: Manik
  • Product type: Pod Cartridge
  • Material: PCTG
  • Resistance: 6ohm
  • Package: 3 pcs of Pod Cartridges
  • Weight: 10g (0.35oz)